Western Wedding Dresses and wedding gowns

Wedding dresses come in a wide range of diversity. Designs, styles and fabrics change from one place to the next. Background and culture also have a say in the matter and can affect the overall theme of a wedding. That is the main reason why western wedding dresses vary a great deal from the Asian type. Nevertheless, they have a special role to play. [Read more...]

Spanish Wedding Dresses and wedding Gowns


Since many couples dream of having their weddings in Spain it could help if they had some idea of the ideal Spanish wedding. What better to start than by setting the theme with a quintessential Spanish wedding dress? With it traditional features one can claim to have wed a Spanish bride. [Read more...]

Las Vegas Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns

A bride-to-be may have many options when selecting a wedding dress in Las Vegas or anywhere else for that matter.  Brides need to select a dress that suits them perfectly and one that blends with their skin tone. Different types of wedding gowns come in different styles, colors, prices, materials and length. The bride should order their wedding dress between four and six months prior to the wedding ceremony to avoid last minute disappointments. [Read more...]

Island Wedding Dresses and wedding gowns

A wedding on a tropical island invokes images of sand, surf, and rolling waves. A gentle breeze and shimmering sunshine the bride who awaits her island wedding, in her beautiful island wedding dress. [Read more...]

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress and Gown

Every bride would want to look their best during their wedding. It is with such purpose that many brides will go to any length to get the appropriate wedding dress and wedding gown befitting this occasion. The fact that the bride is the centre of attention at many a wedding serves to increase the pressure somewhat. [Read more...]

Islamic Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns

Many Muslim brides tend to choose wedding dresses that are traditional, and white. Brides from subcontinent of Asian prefer shalwar-qameez that is scarlet, with henna decorated feet and hands in intricate and beautiful patterns. [Read more...]

Indian Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns

Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian Wedding dresses are magnificent outfits that make a bride stand out of the crowd on their wedding day. The dresses present a fashion statement reflecting a blend of contemporary designs and emphasize traditional culture. A modern designed bridal dress with immaculate ethnic embroidery offers the best dress for a traditional marriage. [Read more...]

Hawaiian Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns

Numerous Hawaiian brides plan having their wedding on the beach, where one could choose between a conventional ivory or white wedding gown, or a tropical island themed Hawaiian bridal dress. We also have an article on Hawiian wedding traditions. [Read more...]

Chinese wedding dresses and wedding gowns

Chinese Weddings

Chinese weddings are often steeped in tradition. Thus, for Chinese wedding dresses, red is normally the traditional color and white is not recommended. The red color also applies to many Asian cultures. Red is preferred because it is central to most of their themes. From wedding favors, invitations to dresses, the color red always features prominently. From the decorations to the bride’s dress, red must be visible. [Read more...]

Celtic Wedding Dresses and wedding Gowns

Celtic wedding dresses present a testament of passion and individuality. Irish marriage tradition is well rooted in the superstitious medieval Irish Celtic folklore, coupled by nature and sentimental charm. Most Glasgow Celtic wedding dress designers present beautiful renaissance to medieval gowns. Most of the gowns are custom-made giving them individual attention and personality. [Read more...]

Why Attend A Bridal Show?

Bridal shows, or bridal expos, offer the bride various ideas for her Toronto wedding ceremony and reception from outfits, to catering, to venues. The remove the stress from wedding coordinating, by having wedding service vendors under one roof for you inspection and verification. Bridal shows were born out of a need for Toronto wedding service providers to connect with their clientele, brides, in an expo style format that exposes the bride to all the services open to her for her wedding day. [Read more...]

What should a Bridal Show Include

Bridal shows are intended to offer the bride-to-be rich information. At each bridal show, bridal fashion shows are carried out. Different fashions are featured in each show and the models display the contemporary fashions that characterize Toronto wedding gowns. A couple is sure to see a piece fitting their budget and style. Preceding the fashion shows are some Toronto hottest wedding Djs, wedding bands and musicians. This is a moment for one to sit, relax and enjoy seeing what wedding entails. [Read more...]