Wedding Cake Accessories

pic 2 Wedding Cake AccessoriesWedding cake accessories are quite common in Toronto. It is important to have the best cake accessories as the wedding day is the day all eyes will be on the cake and it goes a long way to show what kind of wedding is taking place. All the guests in the Toronto Wedding will be looking to the type of accessory that you have chosen for the wedding and the most important thing will what is perched up on top of the cake will be one of the main attractions. Many wedding cakes are designed with different accessories on top of the cake to make it as catchy as possible. Most of the cakes have accessories that are breathtaking with some including porcelain statuettes that are able to speak. [Read more...]

Wedding Cakes – Choosing a Wedding Cake

pic 11 Wedding Cakes    Choosing a Wedding CakeWedding cakes are available in all sizes, prices and shapes. If not sure of factors to consider when choosing a wedding cake from the thousands of frostings, fillings and designs, tips for selecting a cake will come in handy. There are practical elements to put in mind to help one narrow down the choices. When selecting a wedding cake take inspiration from the color scheme for the wedding, the venue and even the wedding dress details. Wedding cakes are very vital for a wedding ceremony as they traditionally hold a meaning. [Read more...]