Using Wedding Doves


doves Using Wedding Doves

Nothing captures the spirit of a wedding as the beginning of a new life for the newly-weds better than a white dove release. The symbolism behind the action is deep and should be a reminder of the purity and fidelity that the marriage institution calls for.  White doves indicate pureness and unadulterated fidelity from their snow-white appearance. It also shows that the couple should practice faithfulness all their lives. A dove chooses a mate and to that mate they remain faithful for life. The two white doves are committed to one another and enjoy being together. For those getting married, the flight of doves symbolizes the taking-off to a new life of commitment to one another.

Wedding Dove Symbolism

Traditionally, wedding doves are symbols of joy, peace, love and fidelity and the appearance of doves on a wedding day is considered a sign of a blessed marriage. Many couples now make the releasing of white doves part of their wedding arrangements. In some instances, members of the wedding party perform the dove release but in most cases people hire the services of professionals who are able to guarantee not only that everything goes well with the release ceremony, but also that the birds will be safe.

The use of professionals also makes it possible to have different sizes of flocks. A flock of doves could consist of as many as 60 birds. The procedure followed in dove release usually involves the bride and groom releasing the first pair of doves while other people, either members of the wedding party or hired professionals, release the rest of the birds. Most professional dove-release companies have varying packages but can also be relied upon to customize the release to fit a particular couple’s specific requirements.

Where does the white dove release happen?

The white dove release at a wedding is traditionally performed outdoors and takes place immediately after the wedding vows have been exchanged. Normally, a dove handler will be waiting at a specified location and at the appointed time will perform bird release. The timing and location are matters for the wedding couple and those releasing the doves to agree on. Although it is mainly done in the compound of the church where the wedding takes place, it can also be done elsewhere as part of a completely different ceremony.

Where do the white doves go?

In choosing wedding dove release professionals to perform the exercise during a Toronto wedding, it is recommended that the firm chosen be within a 30 mile radius of the wedding venue. The release of doves by a professional has many advantages over release by other personnel who are not trained. For the couple that enjoys the beauty of a dove release, they would also like to know that the doves that made their wedding special are also safe. Only professional dove release companies can guarantee this. The choice of release location by takes into account the ability of the birds to fly home. Although white doves have been known to navigate over long distances for their flight home, only a firm of professionals can guarantee that the released birds have truly flown home.