Wedding Resources on the internet

pic 5 350x233 Wedding Resources on the internetWedding planning proves to be quite stressful for many couples. There are thousands of little details to put together, large numbers of family members and friends to contact, and so much money spent. Those getting married inevitably make many decisions such as the Toronto wedding entertainment for guests, Toronto wedding invitations, the church, the cake, wedding rings, the dress, and so on.. [Read more...]


pic 6 WEDDING DJ TORONTOAs your wedding planning goes through the phases of putting the pieces together, getting all the services in line with each other, and finding the best combination of what you can find, music entertainment and DJ services become more critical as your wedding day moves along.Selecting the right service is important to making the party of the year, enjoying yourself and entertaining all of your guests. Some of your considerations might have to take into account the multiculturalism of everyone attending, the dynamics of your guests and family traditions. Finding a wedding DJ service in Toronto that will cater to these elements makes this service not only critical, but an important decision along the way. [Read more...]

Wedding Limo Toronto

pic 7 Wedding Limo TorontoIt is very unlikely that you can manage to find the wedding banquet hall, wedding ceremony facility, wedding pictures park and wedding hotel all within the same vicinity around the city of Toronto. What is more likely, and what experience tells us living in the GTA, is that you will likely be a resident of perhaps Scarborough, your spouse-to-be a resident of Oshawa, the banquet hall will be in Woodbridge, the ceremony to be performed in North York, the pictures park somewhere in Toronto and the hotel in Etobicoke or around the airport. Knowing the dynamics of the city, a wedding limo service will understand how critical it is to get you from one location to another on time on your wedding day. [Read more...]

Wedding Photography in Toronto

pic 8 Wedding Photography in TorontoTwenty-five years in the future, when you are celebrating the many years of life you have spent with your partner on your wedding anniversary, the pictures you have from your wedding day may bring back priceless memories and moments. The importance of such memories for some people is more precious that anything, and they become more important with the passage of time. You know that holding on to those memories will be difficult, and so selecting the right venue for your wedding photography in Toronto will play a huge role in developing the best pictures on your wedding day. Toronto Wedding Venues and wedding parks are sometimes difficult to find to fit within the plans of the wedding. [Read more...]

Toronto Wedding Photographer

hmemain7 Toronto Wedding PhotographerMany couples do not realize they can find their wedding photographers at a Bridal Show or Wedding Show, along with the many other services providers such as wedding limousines, wedding cakes, wedding dresses and wedding tuxedo rentals. When you are looking for best wedding photography for your wedding, look around, ask for references, speak with friends and family, and check all the prices available to you in the market. For many, pictures may not be as important as some other items in their wedding, while for some, capturing the most important day of their lives is something they want to cherish forever. [Read more...]


pic 10 TORONTO WEDDING SHOWEvery year, hundreds and thousands of couples begin to plan their weddings in Toronto. Each time, these couples look for many different services and items that have made their wish lists during their initial planning and thinking. When you are looking for such information, there are multiple Toronto Wedding Shows that sport a different variety of products and services that are in need and in fact in demand at most weddings. [Read more...]

Toronto Bridal Show Tips

pic 9 Toronto Bridal Show TipsFor new couples, the wedding planning experience and be smooth and easy. However, for some, it becomes a horrifying experience while for other it is a pleasure and a great time of spending the beginning moments of their lives. Wedding planning is a difficult task, and it can become daunting, stressful and a cause of arguments and disagreements. [Read more...]

Wedding Cakes – Choosing a Wedding Cake

pic 11 Wedding Cakes    Choosing a Wedding CakeWedding cakes are available in all sizes, prices and shapes. If not sure of factors to consider when choosing a wedding cake from the thousands of frostings, fillings and designs, tips for selecting a cake will come in handy. There are practical elements to put in mind to help one narrow down the choices. When selecting a wedding cake take inspiration from the color scheme for the wedding, the venue and even the wedding dress details. Wedding cakes are very vital for a wedding ceremony as they traditionally hold a meaning. [Read more...]

Valentines Day History and Ideas

pic 12 Valentines Day History and IdeasValentines Day is an annual holiday that honors lovers on February 14. Valentine cards are designed with red heart symbols to signify love. Valentines Day is a time when gifts, flowers and candy are exchanged between lovers. According to the legend, Valentines Day was originally a fertility celebration in ancient Roman tradition. As Christianity gained dominance in Europe, pagan holidays were converted into Christian holidays honoring martyrs, and pope Gelasius converted February 14 into a holiday in honor of Saint Valentine. However, there were three saints known by that name and to whom the holiday was ascribed remains a mystery. [Read more...]

More Wedding Planning tips

It is the dream of every couple to have a magnificent and outstanding wedding ceremony. With the arrival of the internet, there are various websites offering detailed information related to wedding events that are divided into many helpful sections to enable couples easily select the services they want the selected planner to hire and supervise.

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Become a Wedding Consultant

Why Take a Professional Wedding Consulting Course

Weddings are big business today. Most, if not all couples  planning to wed spend a lot of money just so that they can have the perfect wedding. They hire not only caterers, wedding planners but also consultants. However, these are not just randomly picked individuals; rather they are fully qualified professionals in their respective fields. It would be safe to conclude that couples would rather settle for the wedding consultant who has taken the professional wedding consultant course as opposed to one who has not. The reason is simple; couples want quality and professional service. [Read more...]

Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators

angela elias wedding 3 12 Wedding Planners and Event CoordinatorsAny event, including weddings, can be a day one would like to remember fondly, but this can only be if it has been well planned and coordinated. Those who have wedded have said that their wedding day is the greatest day of their lives. Despite this, some of the minor things that may have been ignored can cause much havoc and dissatisfaction, some of which can be long-lived. One may not want to imagine what would happen if during the d-day, the photographer or the driver does not turn up. Another tragedy can be if another group had already booked the venue that had been planned for. This type of situation can be avoided with the all important wedding planners and event coordinators. [Read more...]