Funny Wedding Vows

A marriage ceremony  should be accorded a certain level of seriousness should not be downplayed. However, one should also realize that this occasion is a happy one and to that it should be treated so. This helps one to have happy memories of the entire occasion, thus creating a memorable event. People remember happy occasions in their lives would want to maintain that feeling for as long as they live. A nuptials ceremony is one such occasion. Weddings should stir beautiful memories for years and have certain elements unique to them. As such, incorporating something humorous is one way to make sure those memories will remain in the minds of, not only the audience, but more importantly, on the minds of the couple. Since, this ceremony occurs once in its original form, many people have come with ingenious methods to make the occasion memorable and exciting. One of these is employing funny marriage vows.

In nearly all marriages, vows are recited by a couple before the entire audience, promising their commitment to each other, for the rest of their married lives. Going out of the norm and reciting those vows in a funny humorous way or simply making them a subject of laughter will put everybody at ease. Most weddings in many cities all over Canada incorporate such funny moments. Cities like Toronto, Ontario, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga and Niagara Falls has many writers of nuptials vows, and some specialize in writing funny marriage ceremony vows.

If one is working with a marriage ceremony planner, many of them, especially in Toronto and other large cities will recommend certain wedding houses that also can help in writing funny marriage vows. Toronto weddings and Mississauga weddings are known to incorporate such funny experiences. Having a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer put these moments on film will help people relive them for the rest of their lives.

Alternatively, one may decide to write his or her own nuptials vow and put in a funny comment or something to that effect. Funny wedding vows should however, not be offensive to anyone in the audience. They should not contain offensive, off color jokes or vulgar language. They should also be easily understood, and appreciated by the audience. Usually many humorous books and movies can help when thinking of something humorous. Finding something funny at about the two couples that they have in common or something they don not have in common will make the vows more personalized and touching to both.

Putting some humor in a generally stressful day will keep the couple at ease. It can be especially difficult to concentrate writing the vows as the nuptials day draws close. What can one look for when writing a funny marriage ceremony vow? If one for the couples is a sports fan, an animal lover, a marriage vow can incorporate a comment to that effect. Being creative and trying to express exactly how one feels will help too. As one looks, back on those memories while viewing the wedding video, those happy moments when the two exchange their funny marriage ceremony vows will definitely cement the bond of marriage and make their nuptials a happy union as long as they are together.