Get Married in Las Vegas or Niagara Falls

The Pitfalls and highlights

So you are deciding to get married. Maybe you are a traditionalist and want to plan an extravagant wedding with all the bells and whistles. If you are one of those, be ready to spend up to $30 000 for the night! Now, the night is not just any ordinary night. It is your wedding night; however, that is an investment, and a big one at that. This also includes having to spend a lot of your time planning and preparing for various accommodations that come with the wedding night. Various things like, wedding limousines, wedding djs, wedding cake, wedding invitation, wedding flowers, wedding banquet halls, wedding gowns and tuxedos and so much more! With so many things, it is no wonder why newlyweds and the families are so stressed out prior to the big day.

So how do you alleviate all that stress and planning? One simple solution; get married in Las Vegas or Niagara Falls. Now why should you choose those 2 cities? According to, Las Vegas and Niagara Falls have been designated the wedding cities in the USA and Canada respectively. If you are Canadian, and choose to have a wedding that does not cost you upwards to $30 000, then escaping to a wedding city of your city is a definite alternative. With so much to do in these incredible cities, why wouldn’t you want to get married in a place where you can gamble, enjoy an incredible night life, view a beautiful picturesque natural resource all while having 100’s of wedding chapels to boot!

The one good about having a wedding in Las Vegas or Niagara Falls is that you avoid all those costs and planning stresses that are associated with planning a big wedding in a big city like Toronto, for example. You avoid the costs of setting up wedding limousines, wedding djs, wedding cake ordering, wedding flowers, wedding banquet halls and many more requirements all while getting married in a city as vibrant as Niagara Falls or Las Vegas. With the chapel facilities in Las Vegas and Niagara Falls accommodating so much, and you want to alleviate all that stress, then this is definitely your choice. Now, traditionalists would not even consider this as an option, however, for those who want to get rid of all that baggage that is coupled with a wedding, choosing Las Vegas or Niagara Falls is your pick

So in conclusion, weddings can add up to be the most expensive one day event of your lives. With wedding photographers, wedding limos and wedding djs having to be arranged and the banquet hall having to be booked, it is no wonder why so many weddings are considered more stressful then enjoyable. However, all of this can be alleviated by simply choosing to have your wedding in Las Vegas or Niagara Falls, to 2 capital wedding cities in North America. With so many wedding chapels to choose from go enjoy and get married!