The white dove release on your wedding day

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doves The white dove release on your wedding dayWhite dove releases on the wedding day are a symbol of new beginnings, celebrations, love, peace, serenity as well as the Holy Spirit. The use of doves in wedding ceremonies throughout the world has been widely exploited for a number of centuries. The beauty of the doves soaring in the sky while circling overhead is a truly breathtaking sight. The doves have an ability of creating memories that are remembered and talked about by guests for many years.

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Using Wedding Doves


doves Using Wedding Doves

Nothing captures the spirit of a wedding as the beginning of a new life for the newly-weds better than a white dove release. The symbolism behind the action is deep and should be a reminder of the purity and fidelity that the marriage institution calls for.  White doves indicate pureness and unadulterated fidelity from their snow-white appearance. It also shows that the couple should practice faithfulness all their lives. A dove chooses a mate and to that mate they remain faithful for life. The two white doves are committed to one another and enjoy being together. For those getting married, the flight of doves symbolizes the taking-off to a new life of commitment to one another.
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