The Best Man Wedding Speech

A wedding is a social event where two people in a ceremony of a marriage, exchange wedding vows. Thus, it is customary in some wedding ceremonies for the best man to make a wedding speech.

Wedding ceremony speeches provide insight on the couple to the invited guests through the best man. Hence, the best man wedding speech content should be concise enough to deliver an entertaining yet informative speech on the couple. Thus, visualizing the end of the best speech gives one an idea on the content of the speech. In addition, ensuring that the speech contains as much information as anecdotes makes certain that the guests get as much information about the couple while ascertaining their full attention. Maintaining a light-hearted tone during  the best man wedding speech also helps preserve the overall tone of the event. Thus, briefing the guest of an overview of the couple’s history, preceding the wedding and subsequent to the wedding makes certain that the guest connect to the couple. However, it is important to maintain brevity to maintain concentration from the guests. This is because short wedding speeches maintain a brief flow to the delivery. Thus, a short wedding speech with short sentences and statements aids one in maintaining eye contact. Sustaining flexibility to the delivery and varying one’s tone also helps maintain concentration.

Wedding ceremony speeches need to be interesting enough to add to the overall tone and flow of the ceremony. Thus, practicing the best man wedding speech prior to delivery ensures that it contains the brief summary of the couple’s history. Hence, the best man should also practice various ways to deliver the speech in a brief but informative manner. Humor for instance, is an efficient technique utilized in numerous wedding ceremony speeches. This in essence makes certain that the guests focus their entire attention on the speech, its content and the deliverer. Thus, quotes and puns are other ways that the best man could use to ascertain the guests enjoy the best man wedding speech.

Wedding ceremony speeches tend to stand out as an important element in any wedding ceremony. Thus, it is of great importance for the best man delivering the wedding speech, to entirely research on the couple’s background – their interests, how the two met and what each one likes or dislikes and its apparent relevance to the union. This helps to bring out the close details on the couple. This also helps guests who are meeting the couple for the first time engages them on a personal level. Thus, it makes certain that the guests relate to the couple. The best mans speech should  not only describe the bride or the groom individually but also describe them in their union and their future prospects.

An example of an extract from a best man wedding speech could be:

“… since our days in High School, Oliver always made fun of me saying I was more like a father than a friend. We both thought that I’d get married before him. I have no idea what happened between then and now. I guess I got caught up in other things that were not as important as marriage. Now, here I stand as the best man of my best friend. We have been through so much together and now he has entered another phase in life. I intend to borrow a leaf from him and also join that phase…”

It is also important that the best man realize that instances cited in the speech be understood by the entire gathering and not a selected few. Thus, it is prudent for the deliverer of the best man wedding speech to connect with the gathering to deliver an entertaining and informative speech.