The Friend of the Groom Wedding Speech

A person should conduct a  friend of the groom speech after the close family members of the groom have made their speeches. Short wedding speeches are adequate to avoid getting the guests bored or delaying them for other activities in the function. A friend of the groom speech may be inclusive of love quotes or love poems. A person should ensure that the speech only contains wonderful things concerning the groom. A person should mention when and how they met and what it is that made them friends. After the wedding vows, a friend to the MC may invite a friend to deliver a short wedding speech. A friend of the groom speech should begin  by thanking the master of ceremony for inviting one to speak.
The wedding ceremony speech should include one’s full names and the relation shared with the groom. A friend of the groom speech should thereafter mention the good qualities of the groom, and should direct the love quotes to the bride. One may also let the bride know that the groom was the best choice one would ever make. A friend of the groom speech should include praises towards the groom’s parents as a way of recognizing their presence. The friend may also mention how wonderful and welcoming the grooms family is and may give a personal example. One may also refer to the grooms parents as one’s own parents. Wedding ceremony speeches should have some humor in them to keep the guests alert as well as to maintain the mood of the ceremony.

A friend of the groom speech may be inclusive of good and funny memories that a friend to the groom may share with the guests. A person may also mention the joy that one felt on the reception of news that the groom getting married. One should also mention the  time when the groom met the bride and what the groom said to the friend. A friend of the groom speech should mention the bride as a wonderful and beautiful person. A person may use a  wedding speech example to make one’s own. Below is an example of a friend of the groom speech.

“ I would like to thank the guest of honor for giving me this opportunity to say something about my dear friend. I would also like to thank all the guests for joining me in this celebration…………the groom and I met some time back when we were in high school…..we were in the same basketball team through out high school. We got into deep trouble once when the groom accidentally broke the deputy schoolteacher’s window when we were playing basketball….the thing that got us into deep trouble is the fact that we had sneaked out of class and has assumed that the head teacher was not around. Guess what? .He was!

The groom’s parents have been like my own parents. They have always welcomed me into their home and advised me just as they did with the groom. ……..thank you for your time and I hope you are having as much fun in this ceremony as I am. Otherwise, I wish both the bride and groom long and happy lives.”