The Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

Wedding ceremony speeches are many as people try to congratulate and advise the newly weds. One such speech is the maid of honor wedding speech. It comes after the best man’s speech and it should focus on delighting the bride. To give a speech that is memorable and one that will please the couple and the guests, one can prepare adequately for it. Topics that are covered in the maid of honor wedding speech should be from the heart. One way of starting the speech is by letting the people know how you know the bride. One can let people know how you met the bride and how you became friends. One can also tell the guests what the bride would tell you about the groom.

Having short wedding speeches is always appealing to the guests and the maid of honor wedding speech is not any different. One should keep the speech brief and refer to the wedding vows made in the ceremony. The maid of honor wedding speech is brief because the audience still has to listen to other speeches after yours just as they have already listened to other speeches before yours. A maid of honor wedding speech should be lively, enthusiastic, and sincere. Saying something favoring the bride is advisable. One can also congratulate the bridal couple and tease the bride a bit. The speech can have some love quotes that dwell on the couple’s joyous celebration. Although the speech is personal, it should not embarrass the bride. You are her friend and this should be portrayed in the speech that you give. Throwing in some love quotes in the speech is also advised.

Writing the maid of honor wedding speech beforehand allows someone have time to go through it and make some corrections. After writing it, you can ask someone else to read it and offer his or her opinion. Having a written speech prevents someone from mumbling and stammering as one looks for words to fill their speech. If you do not want to have a sheaf of papers that you are trying to get in order, cards will work out well too.

Maid of honor wedding speech example

‘‘Ladies and gentlemen, my name is ______. _____ and I have known each other since college. Since then we have shared memorable moments and her wedding is no exception. _____ has always been there for me. I remember one time when… When she told me she was getting married … Her wonderful nature and patience are some of her wonderful characteristics… I would just like the groom to know that in _____, he has found a worthy companion who will honor her wedding vows and…As I end my speech, I leave with this quote ‘may the roof above you never fall in and may you both never fall out’.’’

A good maid of honor wedding speech tries to incorporate all the positive things about the bride but this should not be exaggerated. Keeping a light tone during this short wedding speech will not bore people.