The Matron Of Honor Wedding Speech

Wedding ceremony speeches are a good chance to express to the wedding couple how you feel about them. Being chosen a Matron of honor means you hold a special place in the bride’s heart. Preparing a superb Matron of honor wedding speech will therefore be necessary as she’ll be all ears to soak in all the love and praise. If the Matron of honor is a sister or a close childhood friend, she can decide to make the speech a bit more personal by briefly sharing old and fond memorable childhood moments.

A good Matron of honor wedding speech should portray the many good years shared and spent with the bride. It should also portray a good knowledge of the groom as part of the bride’s life and knowing how their love has grown. Remember all this should be contained within at most a minute or so. Short wedding speeches are easy to remember and leave vivid fond memories. The following are some hints to make a brief but touchy Matron of honor wedding speech or other wedding ceremony speeches.

Prepare for the Matron of honor speech by taking some time off way before the wedding. Write in a relaxed mode which will allow some fond childhood memories spent with the bride to flow in. Waiting to prepare the speech just before the wedding and memorizing it during the exchange of wedding vows should be out of question.  Reading different wedding speech examples by different people gives more ideas like love quotes and clean jokes. Coming up with nice wedding ceremony speeches will therefore require some research and it will be worth it. It is after all, the Matron of honor wedding speech.

When reading the speech, make a brief self introduction while standing and facing the audience. Maintain a relaxed and natural composure, speaking slowly while making good eye contact with the audience. Congratulate the newly wedded couple formally then get into more personal details. Very briefly and serenely, go through happy childhood days with the bride, occasionally stealing a glance at her as she blushes under her veil. Making the Matron of honor wedding speech a bit personal really carries away the bride’s heart.

When ending the speech, the Matron of honor should address the bride directly, showering her with sweet words like how beautiful she looks and how she reminds her of her own wedding. If the Matron of honor is a sister to the bride, she should welcome the new groom as a brother in law into their family. Some love quotes and one or two clean jokes will come in handy here. The Matron of honor wedding speech can also be supplemented with a short poem.  An example from an extract of a good Matron of honor wedding speech follows below.

“…I have been granted the merit of serving as Maid of Honor and therefore take this opportunity to thank (bride’s name) for requesting me to be at her side as she ties the knot. And to (groom’s name), “You did it, you cleaned up well enough for the occasion. You have my blessings”. Honestly, I’m delighted for the two of you…”