The Sister of the Bride Wedding Speech – Writing wedding speeches

The Sister of the bride wedding speech serves to offer congratulations to the bride. Thus, this speech should be from the heart to accord it the level of emotion and connection it deserves. This makes certain that the invited guest and the gathering as a whole feel the connection to the bride. Since the sister to the bride in a majority of weddings doubles up as the maid of honor, the sister of the bride wedding speech also serves as the maid of honor speech. Hence, it is for these reasons that this speech should portray the gravity of the purposes it serves. Thus, though short wedding speeches are encouraged, combining brevity with totality in the delivery makes certain that the overall purpose of the sister of the bride wedding speech is realized.

Ensuring the sister of the bride wedding speech is heartfelt is important because the deliverer has a personal connection to the bride. Thus, as much as humor is to be used to engage the guests, the speech should be kind and sweet to pronounce the speech as a sister of the bride wedding speech. This speech is used to describe the bride from a sibling’s point of view. It is for this reason that the entire deliver should be portrayed in an emotional manner. This helps to show the emotional connection between the deliverer and the bride, thus making certain that the guests are able to connect and relate to the bride. This connection is further emphasized by a brief narration of a childhood occurrence that further depicts the bride in a positive light. The sister of the bride wedding speech should sound personal, hence if it were to be delivered by someone else; it would lose this personal touch. Therefore, delivering a personalized speech that is straight from one’s heart gives a sister of the bride wedding speech its character. This coupled with the fact that the content contains details shared by the deliverer of the speech and the bride guarantees its personal nature.

An excerpt from a sister of the bride wedding speech could sound like this:

“…we’ve shared everything since we were young. Yeah! We have had our share arguments, but I guess that is just sibling rivalry. We might have argued, bickered or even fought as kids, but we always found a way to make up. I think the love we had for each other and the love we still have for each other has taught us a lot on forgiveness and the utter need for each other. Its funny, the older we get the stronger our bond grows, both as friends and as sisters, and I know now that though she is married we will always have that special connection with her. I am so happy to be part of this special day and I know she has found her soul mate…”

Wedding ceremony speeches and in particular the sister of the bride wedding speech is aimed at portraying the bride from a sister’s point of view. This gives the invited guests an idea on the brief history of the bride and her overall relation to the people she loves most. Thus, it is important since it vocalizes the emotional and personal ties the bride has maintained with her sister.