The white dove release on your wedding day

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doves The white dove release on your wedding dayWhite dove releases on the wedding day are a symbol of new beginnings, celebrations, love, peace, serenity as well as the Holy Spirit. The use of doves in wedding ceremonies throughout the world has been widely exploited for a number of centuries. The beauty of the doves soaring in the sky while circling overhead is a truly breathtaking sight. The doves have an ability of creating memories that are remembered and talked about by guests for many years.

Wedding doves may be used for representing love, eternal life, unity and happiness. They also portray the significance of the celebration, which depicts the beginning of the couple’s marriage. Releasing the doves during the ceremony is a unique means of expressing the special joy and love that the couple experience together with their guests and family.

Do wedding Doves get Lost?

There are a number of surprising things regarding the white doves that people may find surprising. To begin with, the wedding doves are usually a unique variety of homing pigeons, which are specially trained. Through proper training, the doves can use an inborn ability that they possess to find their route home. This is basically the reason white doves are used at weddings because after release, they are able to trace their route home.

Wedding doves are healthy, well trained and well fed. Their houses are known as coops and are incorporated with a special one-way door to allow them gain entrance once they arrive. By habit, the birds are usually aware of the availability of water and fresh food awaiting them. They are fed after release to control the chances of an accident. It is vital that the release of the wedding dove be carried out by a qualified handler to ensure that it is stunning.

The White Dove Handler

The bird handler should be well trained and appropriately dressed. The doves should be brought to the wedding site in release baskets that are beautifully decorated and kept in an area where the release, can be safely carried out. The birds should not be released into traffic, people or wires, but should rather, their flight path should be clear to the sky. The handler should coordinate the release with the Toronto Wedding Videographer or photographer to ensure that the best pictures are captured.

The White Dove release

The release of white doves during a wedding ceremony may be cancelled under particular weather conditions. This may be done to ensure safety of the birds since this particular species cannot fly in extreme wind, darkness, fog or heavy rain.  These adverse weather conditions affect the bird’s homing ability hence rendering them vulnerable to getting hurt or lost. A release of the birds must also be carried out with adequate time for the birds to fly home, and this is generally averaged at two hours prior to sunset.

Despite the bird’s fidelity and beauty which is really significant, doves definitely enjoy flying. Since couples also commit themselves to each other for a marriage lifetime, they should likewise commit themselves to enjoying the lifetime together in its fullness despite life being fairly serious.