Ways to personalize your wedding.

At one time, weddings were perceived as an event that had its own theme. A wedding was the thing, no reason to do anything to, to have a theme associated with, is what a traditional wedding, from ceremony to reception. However, as we are approaching 2009, weddings have taken a whole new turn with what themes. You can choose so many themes, themes such as colors that coordinate with the theme of a wedding. There ca be a theme focused around the bride’s wedding gown. You can personalize your wedding with a signature wedding cake. Whatever the case may be, wedding themes and personalization’s are here to stay.

However, in order to implement a wedding theme to your special day, the question remains, where do you begin? Below are some themes you can use as a guide:

• Wedding Flowers and Decorations
• Wedding Dresses
• Brides Maids Dresses
• Grooms’ Tuxedos and Usher’s Tuxedos
• Wedding Cakes
• Wedding Invitations
• Chair and Table Covers

Another way to look at wedding themes is to breakdown the color scheme you will be using. Some suggestions are listed below:

• Pink & Gold, Blue and White, Pink and Poppy, Yellow & White, Blue & Brown, Aqua & Red, Blue & Silver, Green & Brown, Using Pink, Lilac & Brown

Just to name a few color themes for your wedding. Co lours take on a whole new meaning when dealing with a wedding. They essentially become the entire weddings with bride’s maids wearing a particular dress in the theme colours, wedding cakes can be iced with the theme colours, tables and chairs can be decorated in the theme colors, all the while the wedding can still have its traditional values. Many other things can take on the color scheme of the wedding theme, with the wedding menu placed on each guests’ plate at the tables, the bomboniere can have a color theme that matches that of the choice of the bride and groom.

Another choice is for the groom and his ushers and best man to wear ties and bow ties, depending, that match a certain color of the wedding theme. Wedding themes and personalizations are allowed in today’s culture so have some fun with it. Yes, standard colors or the wedding, i.e. White, and more white is beautiful, the symbolism is incredible, talking about purity and elegance, however the bride’s dress can remain white, however, to make the wedding truly yours pick colours that go along with what it is that you want and have some fun with it.

So in conclusion, personalizing your wedding and introducing a theme is something of the times, it is expected in the wedding invitations, the wedding flowers, wedding cakes and many more facets of a wedding celebration. A wedding is your time to enjoy the way only you know how so make the most of it and set a theme that is uniquely yours and your partners and make the night truly memorable!