Wedding Cakes – Choosing a Wedding Cake

pic 11 Wedding Cakes    Choosing a Wedding CakeWedding cakes are available in all sizes, prices and shapes. If not sure of factors to consider when choosing a wedding cake from the thousands of frostings, fillings and designs, tips for selecting a cake will come in handy. There are practical elements to put in mind to help one narrow down the choices. When selecting a wedding cake take inspiration from the color scheme for the wedding, the venue and even the wedding dress details. Wedding cakes are very vital for a wedding ceremony as they traditionally hold a meaning.

The cost is determined by the labor and time that goes into preparing it. The amount of tiers, the cake design, fillings, decorations, delivery method and icing will also contribute to the cost of the cake. When choosing a Toronto wedding cake, be careful to choose an elaborate wedding cake that is within one’s budget and that can be constructed within the required time. Then, select a bakery to bake the cake and ensure the baker clearly understands the kind of cake design one wants. Ensure the frosting type chosen can enhance easy delivery, is affordable and matches with the theme.

Royal icings and butter cream are affordable but are prone to melting and crashing when transporting. Fondant is however more durable and is popular in most wedding cake designs because it can easily be molded to whichever design concept the couple may want. Fondant also enables the cake to be displayed outside during summer as it does not melt easily.

With a professional baker, choosing a wedding cake can be a simple task. Consider the number of guests that will attend the Toronto wedding ceremony to assist in determining the layer types and number of tiers to have on the cake. For instance, if planning to have between 200 to 300 guests, a cake with three or four tiers could be sufficient. Couples may decide to have different fillings and cake flavors for every tier to allow for taste and variety. Traditionally, the smallest tier is normally spared for the couple. When choosing a wedding cake, couples should also ensure that they arrange the cake with the baker as a rehearsal before the wedding day. This will assist in deciding on different flavors based on their preferences.

When choosing a wedding cake, it is important to discuss with the baker on how the top of the cake should appear. Some heavy cake tops and porcelains require to be held down into the cake to make them stable. The toasting glass and cake knife should complement the entire setting of the wedding table. It is tradition for the bride to cut the first slices with the hand of the groom placed over that of the bride. The groom then feeds the bride first after which the bride feeds the groom. After the feeding, the toasting takes place and the toasting glasses are normally decorated using a flower or ribbon placed next to the cake. To save on money, compare quality, type and taste before selecting a cake.