Wedding Ceremony Music

Entertainment is a vital part of any wedding ceremony. In fact, all cities in Canada have realized the importance that entertainment plays in setting a good tempo in wedding ceremonies. At such, wedding DJ’s are setting up businesses in most Canadian cities to provide good nuptial music that forms the bulk of the ceremony music. It is advisable for couples or event planners organizing a Toronto wedding to discuss with the Wedding DJ what type of music will be played at both the venue and the reception.

Wedding DJs have a wide experience of playing music in Toronto wedding ceremonies and their advice is valuable. However, because the special day is primarily the couple’s day to make merry, their preferences should always override those of the DJ.  Couples should therefore pick their favorite songs prior to the big day. In most Toronto weddings, Couples will allow the DJ to queue the music in whichever order, as long as he plays all the selected songs. Other couples will insist that the DJ slots the music in a particular order.

More luxurious Toronto weddings will use live bands to provide the ceremony music, though more expensive than hiring a wedding DJ, the live bands engage the audience more especially at the reception. Some couples choose to mix different music genres to give each stage of the ceremony a different tone. The biggest consideration when settling for such music mix is relevance. Couples mostly go for music that will have meaning even in future especially if their ceremony is video recorded.

When choosing music for Toronto weddings, it is important to consider the people who will attend the special ceremony and the point at which the music is played. Having done this professionally, experienced wedding DJs are able to advice the couple the best suitable music to play during the procession and recession. Ideally, this should be smooth music with a slow tempo. Most Toronto DJ’s prefer Jazz music for these parts. During the first dance, which is usually reserved for the marital couple, music with a faster beat can be queued. The couples should however practice the dance before hand to ensure that they are comfortable with the music.

As is custom in most Toronto weddings, the father-daughter dance is an important part of the reception party. Many people will be observing.  The two should dance to music with comfortable beats, especially considering that the father to the bride may be elderly. The DJ should also know what music to play during the cake cutting ceremony and the last dance. In case couples based in Toronto cannot get a good DJ to carry out instructions, they can seek services of Mississauga DJs.

It is the responsibility of the wedding DJs to edit music for brevity.  At such, they should be very careful to retain the relevant parts of the song. Toronto Wedding ceremonies especially those held in church take fixed times, the DJ should be aware of this and thus prepare his music to fit specified time slots.