Wedding Vows for the Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is a physical and moral commitment between two people who love each other and are willing to live together. Weddings are some of the best occasions one can attend in life. The mood is carefree with lots of joy and laughter. Brides and grooms together with their friends and family make all the wedding arrangements to ensure that everything is perfect and the marriage is a success.

Exchanging marriage vows is one of the most important activities in most cultures without which the ceremony is just a party not a marriage. Marriage vows can be traditional, non- traditional, secular, religious or custom-made to suit the couple getting married. There are many sources of nuptials vows such as the internet, books, writings from the local library and many others. The internet for example has thousands of vows, poems and samples that are ideal to exchange as vows.  Friends and family can also help the couple come up with vows that have special words and meaning unique to the couple. Those getting married in religious settings are always advised to check first with their respective officiates. This is because some religions have specific words in their vows that a couple should not deviate from when writing out their vows.

One of the most memorable moments of the wedding day is when the couple exchanges their marriage vows. This is a solemn moment since they make a commitment to each other to be there for each other no matter what. One of the benefits of taking a wedding video during the nuptials ceremony is to capture such moments so that the couple can always refer to that time and see what they committed to especially in times of disillusionment. Previously most people used traditional vows and especially those presented to them by their religious registrars or ministers. With time that has changed and most couples prefer to personalize their vows. Some even exchange humorous vows, which lighten the moment.

Some of the samples of wedding vows are “In God’s presence and before all our friends take you to be my lover and my friend. I will be with you in times of success and failure. I promise to forever be a faithful and loving husband/wife” and “I, John take you Edith to be my wife, to love and cherish you in good and bad times through all eternity.”

Reading a variety of wedding vows helps the couple to identify their best choice. It is therefore advisable to searching start early to have enough time to come up with the best. Early planning prevents last minute rush, which is likely to cause a couple to use vows that mean nothing to them. Some of the wedding photos taken in Brampton, Markham and especially by the Niagara Falls while couples exchange vows; ensures that the couple remembers the event.