The Wedding Congratulations

Whether it is a friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker, one may want to convey wedding congratulations and to present best wishes. Many times when one attends a marriage ceremony, it is important to wish the couple well. Simply one could recite poetic verses or give a congratulations card. Most congratulatory messages are romantic, funny, and offer wisdom. One can perform a song or make a speech at the reception as a way of congratulating a couple.

At times, one may fail to attend the ceremony due to various situations for instance, emergencies. Regardless of the cause, it is wise to send a cordial message to the couple to express one’s congratulations. When composing a congratulatory message, there are tips to keep in mind. A quotation or poem on marriage and love can be the best way to begin and end the message. Depending on the level of relation with the couple, lighthearted humor can be appropriate. It is also appropriate to indicate and offer one’s apologies for not attending the ceremony.

When one will not be attending the ceremony, it is also advisable to send a gift in tandem with the congratulatory message to the couple. One can choose a gift from a couple’s marriage ceremony registry or enclose a monetary gift in the wedding congratulations card with a congratulatory message. It is appropriate for one to drop the gift in person where possible. If one decides to give a couple a wedding congratulations card, get one that appreciates the wedding theme. There are numerous establishments in Canada that offer personalized gifts and cards with some operating in Toronto, Mississauga and Ontario, thus making certain that one is able to keep with the couple’s preferences.

A simple note or letter to a couple is another way of sending and conveying a congratulatory message. This is especially done when one is unable to attend the ceremony. It is also advisable to plan carefully what one wishes to put into words ensuring that the message reads sincere. The couple is likely to feel one’s presence at their ceremony even though they may not be physically present. There are many more ways that one could express their most heartfelt congratulations to a wedded couple. These thus, serve to ensure that one has a wide variety to choose from in order to make certain that the couple is well congratulated. An example of a short congratulatory note is:

“There is not a friendlier and charming couple, in communion or company than one in a good marriage. Congratulations on your wedding”.

Finding the best wedding congratulations manner can be complicated. One of the easiest ways to choose the wedding congratulations card that fits a couple is by considering their personalities. Choose congratulations cards, which match with the wedding theme and above all, the card’s message should reflect what one sincerely feels about the couple. To show one’s happiness for the newly weds and wish them well, present them with wedding congratulation cards, songs, poems, speeches and gifts.

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