Wedding Greeting Quotes

Saluting people who have just married, have come back form their honeymoon or have just announced their engagement can be quite a challenge. The greeting quotes though should not gall the couple. Although these greetings are actually meant to depict the love that the two now share, it is also a reminder of the responsibilities that the two now share. Although Christians in Ontario are likely to borrow heavily from the Bible while other religious weddings may also see people quoting from their sacred books, the absence of such a privilege need not bog one down. They only need to get creative with words and aim to the message in an appropriate manner.

After their engagement, the prospective bride must react to each other’s proposal. The Bride can decide to respond to the groom’s request for a hand in marriage by declaring, “For you I will live out my days!” In the same breath the groom on commending on the bride’s the bride’s acceptance may decide to congratulate her on the feat by calling her, ‘my love, my life! However, the couples are likely to have it easier because they are used to swearing their love to each other.

In Toronto where weddings are the order of the day, those who want to congratulate the couple on their engagement may be lost for words on what to say thus only making casual remarks. The grooms father may decide to present his regards as a prophecy with a remark such as, “Your action has assured my future because I know that you have found happiness.” Other friends are likely to mourn the transformation of a fellow groupie into a marriage setting.

They may thus remark, “Though we know that you have found love, we are sure that you will not forget us.” Using wedding greeting quotes after engagement may be as intense as what is expected when the two have already tied the knot. After tying the knot, congratulatory messages start flowing in from everywhere depending on their network of friends and family. Most messages flowing in at this point seem to reinforce the vows the two have just taken. Close friends may want to congratulate the couple by chiding them, “Now, at last are full!” It is common practice for the celebrant in Mississauga Christian wedding to quote frequently from the Bible.

A favorite statement that the groom is bound to hear once for times on end is, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing”. This quote from the Bible will help reinforce the groom’s view for his life. In the same vein, it is common to hear the couple reminded, “You are no longer two but one!” this is sometimes done symbolically by the sending of one card to the couple instead of two.

Other wedding greeting quotes will be sourced from quotes made by past great lovers. Most weddings in Canada take place in picturesque venues so the atmosphere may inspire the comments. One congratulation may thus go, “Just as the water flows from the brook, so should your love without ceasing.”

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