Wedding Music for Different Wedding Ceremonies

Nuptial ceremonies in many cultures are a colorful affair marking a very special occasion. It varies from place to place with traditional colorful African chants and dances to Modern Mississauga or Toronto weddings with Toronto DJs or Mississauga DJs. For Toronto nuptials, instrumental or vocal music can be performed at rehearsal dinners, wedding rehearsals as well as receptions. The music can be either live or recorded and played by a professional wedding DJ.     For Jewish nuptials, the bride’s entrance is usually marked by a tune known as Baruch haba. After the ceremony a traditional dance known as hore is performed. This is a dance done in a circle where the men encircle the groom while the women encircle the bride. Siman Tov (‘Good Tidings’) is another common song sang in these ceremonies. It is an all round celebration song, sometimes sang at the end of the ceremony and most definitely during the reception. Modern Jewish Toronto weddings can have a wedding DJ.

Scottish nuptials often have music accompanied by some dances. Traditionally, after the ceremony, there’s a dance called ceilidh. This involves some traditional Scottish music with dances like ‘Dashing White Sergeant’, ‘Strip the Willow’, ‘The Gay Gordons’, and. ‘Mairi’s wedding’, also known as the ‘Lewis Bridal Song’ or ‘Mairi Bhan’. Wedding DJs can be included in today’s Scottish theme Toronto nuptials.

Hawaii is always associated to luxury coco palm beaches. Hawaiian nuptial music and songs therefore carry this theme.  The most famous and favorite Hawaiian music is the ‘Hawaiian Wedding Song’, which Elvis Presley made famous in the ‘Blue Hawaii’ movie. Originally written by Charles E. King in Hawaiian, it was written in English lyrics by Mannin and Hoffman. Elvis mixed both, singing is to his bride during their wedding at the Coco Palms Resort. For Toronto weddings with Hawaiian wedding music, hire one or several DJs who will have several versions of the song. Hawaii has a wide range of musical styles and instruments. The slack key (a regional guitar style), the ukulele and steel guitar are popular musical instruments.

Egyptian wedding music is often a special rhythm called zaffa. A belly dancer traditionally leads the bride to the venue, followed by musicians playing elzaff on trumpets and drums and sometimes carrying flaming torches. Egyptian nuptial music is available for Toronto nuptials from many DJs who offer different music with Islamic, Greek or Roman themes all affiliated with Egypt.

Muslim wedding music is marked by traditional dances and songs to accompany Mehndi, a henna application ceremony, which also marks a ladies night out before the ceremony. Modern Islamic nuptials hire  a band or wedding DJs to play the music as they dance along. Music is however strictly prohibited in strict Muslim ceremonies.

There are many available Toronto wedding services often affiliated with DJs to offer live or digital music for the perfect theme ceremony, be it a Scottish, Jewish, Egyptian, Muslim or Hawaiian Toronto wedding. The DJs are well equipped and trained to play the right music at the right place and time to give the wedding its authentic cultural feeling, leaving the guests happy and feeling at home.