Wedding Music – Live Music vs DJ Music

The debate on whether to hire a live wedding band or a wedding DJ for a wedding event has existed for a long time. Toronto weddings are some of the most precious ceremonies and event planners along with the couple want them to turn out perfectly. Most couples want their guests to enjoy themselves not only by filling their stomachs with all sorts of delicacies but also, through music that lightens their moods and drives the party during the wedding reception. There are several factors that determine whether a couple settles on live music or a wedding DJ. The choice of venue and overall  wedding theme greatly influences a couple’s choice of music.  The guests attending the ceremony are of different ages and to cater for all of them through the same music requires careful planning. There are several benefits of hiring a live band. Quality live music played by professionals can really merge with a Toronto wedding theme. Live bands are flexible and can modify the songs to suit the crowd by switching tempos or music pace. Unfortunately the cost of hiring live music is a bit on the higher side and can strain a wedding budget. Most couples may want to hire a band that can play a wide range of music from rock to country, jazz to blues and everything in between but most bands have limiting sounds and may not manage to do that as well as play electric music.

Hiring wedding DJs assures a person that all songs are played as they are commonly known and avoids unpleasant surprises. A DJ for the ceremony is likely to provide more sound variety and within a reasonable budget. Hiring a DJ requires thorough background checking to avoid hiring a provider who ruins the Toronto wedding reception atmosphere. For couples whose financial budget is not strained, taking advantage of both services is an even better idea. This is because having live music adds class to any Toronto wedding ceremony. Several musicians playing various instruments in their tuxedos are bound to add charge to any Toronto wedding reception. The band is also able to change tempos to suit the guest’s speed of dancing. This saves embarrassment in cases where the bride or groom is dragging their feet. Unfortunately, a DJ is limited and may not do some of these things since the music is recorded and cannot be changed in accordance to the pace on the dance floor. Nevertheless, a professional wedding DJ assesses the mood of the ceremony and plays songs that target the audience.

Mississauga DJs are also flexible to play random requests made by the couple and their guests since their music collection is large and they know the popular songs that are likely to be requested in Toronto weddings. Live bands on the other hand may not play all the requests since they may not be familiar with them or they may not be equipped to actually sing random requests. Using both live music and a DJ gives class to the ceremony but also saves on money since the band does not have to perform for the entire Toronto wedding reception.