Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators

angela elias wedding 3 12 Wedding Planners and Event CoordinatorsAny event, including weddings, can be a day one would like to remember fondly, but this can only be if it has been well planned and coordinated. Those who have wedded have said that their wedding day is the greatest day of their lives. Despite this, some of the minor things that may have been ignored can cause much havoc and dissatisfaction, some of which can be long-lived. One may not want to imagine what would happen if during the d-day, the photographer or the driver does not turn up. Another tragedy can be if another group had already booked the venue that had been planned for. This type of situation can be avoided with the all important wedding planners and event coordinators.

What Do Event Planners and Coordinators do?

An event coordinator does the work of organizing and coordinating public or private events, appearances and events. This entails organizing participants, securing appropriate venues, notifying those who may attend and organizing them, acquiring the relevant tools, equipment and materials and finally to organize and delegate duties to those assisting him or her during the day of the event. On the other hand, the wedding planner also referred to as the wedding consultant is the mediator, the money manager and the facilitator in a wedding.

What to look for in a Wedding Planner and Event coordinator

There are several character traits that a wedding planner should posses. Obviously, he or she should be patient and calm even when things seem to be going as under. He also very importantly should be a good negotiator as he would be the one who does all the orders and the purchasing on behalf of the bride and the bridegroom such as buying the gown and the other attire, get the catering team, hire the venue, musicians, public address system, Toronto Wedding Photographers and so on. This is because only the best is required but at the cheapest rate. He must also be somebody who can network meaning that he or she handles differently people and issues at the same time.

A good Toronto Wedding planner should also be one who has a sense for proper fashion, which includes the color, the flowers, the music and the clothing. It would be so embarrassing if there were no color coordination in the clothing or the flowers and the decorations. This means that they must take their time in studying on the topic from the magazines or the internet.

The event planners must be prepared to work for long hours especially just before and during the event which may include much traveling and moving up and down to make sure that the purpose of the meeting is achieved. Therefore, the first thing that the planners need to know is the nature and the purpose of the meeting. That would then motivate delegates or the audience. All the work ranging from bookings, reception, stationery issuing, vehicle parking, accommodation, decorations among others should be done focusing on that aim.