Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

dines robert wedding7 Wedding Rehearsal Dinner SpeechesA wedding rehearsal dinner is a small ceremony that is carried out on the evening before the wedding day and it more often than not follows the wedding rehearsal. It is celebrated as one of the wedding traditions mostly in the Western cultures. In this ceremony, there is a small gathering of family and the bridal party as well as a small group of friends. Typically, the ceremony is paid and planned for by the groom and the family of the groom. The tradition of the ceremony varies but the item that is more likely not to miss is the toasting or making of the speech. While there are many ways to undertake this process, it is tantamount for the person who is giving the toast to follow certain tips to make the event a memorable one that does not have any mistakes. In common practice, the father of the groom or a senior relation undertakes most of the toasting.

The father must follow certain tips to ensure that the process goes smoothly. First, as rules of common courtesy, he should introduce himself even if most people in the room know who he is, there may be others in the room that do not recognize him. The father can also express pleasure of how their son has found himself a wonderful woman for a wife and for their bold step to say the marital vows.

The speaker should know what the situation of the evening is and should consider this when speaking. This occasion is not as formal as a wedding and so whatever one is planning to say should not be too formal but also not too sluggish. The speaker should also keep the speech to a reasonable length, as there are other people to speak and it will get late fast if everyone speaks too long. 

Another thing that the speaker should do is to relax and not be tense. He or she should be relaxed and should have fun as it is just the toasting of the bride and the groom and it should be short and sweet and it will be ok. The best way to be relaxed is to have the speech memorized so it rolls off your tongue like you just made it up. Loosen up. When the speaker is addressing the small gathering, he or she should not be robotic. Moving around on one spot like a robot and talking like one will not be heart felt. If the speaker is relaxed and they will be more expressive and even become emotional as it is allowed in this intimate setting. 

To be able to give a powerful speech, it is always advisable to begin with an ice breaker or a quote that will attract the attention of the audience. The speaker can begin with a powerful quote or a good joke like, “Politics doesn’t make strange bedfellows, marriage does,” a quote from Groucho Marx. All in all, to have or present a great speech at the wedding rehearsal dinner, the speaker must be composed and organized. Planning can be a good thing but it may not be necessary. The speaker should not be drunk as they may ruin the occasion.