Wedding Table Decor

Wedding tables are important because they serve as the foundation upon which the ceremony and reception are conducted. Experts in composing wedding decor recommend that the entire setting of the celebration be in tandem. This calls for a lot of creativity and adaptation to realize elegant embellishments. There are different types of wedding tables depending on the style of a reception. Head tables host brides and the parents, sweetheart counter is reserved for the brides and cake bench is often a showpiece of the reception. Buffet table is for meals, guests table for the brides’ entourage, signing table for guests to sign in and leave comments, and DJ’s booth for the music equipments. Some settings have grooms table that shows his significance and the gift table for gifts incase there are such occasions for presentation of gifts. There are various aspects that one should consider when preparing a marriage counter decor. These factors are responsible for an exceptional presentation in the celebration.

Arrangement and Shapes of Table Decor

The shapes of the tables influence how they should be arranged so that they can evoke sensual decorations. Oval or small round wedding tables look elegant as compared to square of rectangular tables. The wedding tables can take the format of a cluster arrangement in order to encourage mingling and conversation. Buffet counters in U-shape arrangements as opposed to straight lined ones encourage diversity and facilitate sharing and feasting expected in the ceremony. Creating an overlapping and colorful background suits the venue thus creating a serene setting. Wedding chair covers should match and blend with the counter decor. Many people today choose classic white designs for weddings but one can adopt a design that adds distinction to the entire counter decorations.

Color and Style of the Wedding Setting

The choice of color is a very sensitive exercise that determines the general appearance of a wedding ceremony. Couples ought to choose colors that make a marriage reception memorable. One should view a variety of nuptial counter covers and tops together with their centerpieces to create a smooth combination of colors. The colors vary from multi-color tops, pinks, silver, gold, or metallic, yellow or orange to ivory colors. Styles adopted for marriage ceremonies usually comprise ethnic, day, evening, outdoor, and indoor settings depending on the event planners. The styles applied for the counter settings should match with the arrangements for the chair and chair covers that should adopt the overall theme.

Lighting and Place Settings

Lighting is an essential element for wedding decor. Wedding table decorations are enhanced by the lighting system of a reception. One can use different sources of light as part of wedding decor that improve the image and presentation of the wedding tables. For proper lighting, table decor can be achieved by tea lights or candle centerpieces. Floating candles and lights create an interesting combination for nuptial decor on a counter. These helps attain a stylish decor for an elegant reception. It is important to realize that planning makes a major difference in the overall execution of the ceremony thus; sound wedding planning should be employed before any acquisition is attempted.