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All the important services that make a wedding day happen are covered in our directory. There is Toronto Wedding Photography services, Toronto Wedding Videography, Toronto Wedding Limousine services and Toronto Wedding DJ services to name a few. It is sometimes difficult to be able to find one company that can offer you all these wedding services and offer high quality service while bundling them to give you great savings.


Babylon Productions Wedding Centre only lists reputable companies that can do that for you and are the first choice in Toronto Wedding Services. Also offered within this list are great prices on wedding invitations, information on banquet halls, wedding cakes, wedding flowers and wedding dresses. If you are looking for some great wedding ideas, we at there is assistance available for you that can provide you with whatever you need to get you ready for your wedding day. With friendly staff ready to assist you, we will make sure that you get the best for your wedding day. If you are dealing with a budget, we will work with you to make sure you meet and have your expectations exceeded.


Looking for wedding tuxedos?

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Click on a category to find an advertisers for your wedding needs!
Photography & Videography Photography & Videography

¤  Wedding Photographers
¤  Wedding Videographers

Relive your wedding moments with pictures and video. Below are some of the most reputable wedding photographers and videographers in the Greater Toronto Area.
Toronto Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes

¤  Wedding Cakes
¤  Bakeries & Pastry Shops

Either create your own wedding cake design or look from a great selection of wedding cakes. We have a list of the very best wedding cake designers in the Toronto area.
Limousines, Horse & Carriage Limousines, Horse & Carriage

¤  Wedding Limousines
¤  Horse Drawn Carriages

Arrive to your wedding reception with style, class and grace. Choose from an extensive list of limo fleet or choose a horse and carriage for your Toronto wedding.
Invitations & Stationary Invitations & Stationary

¤  Wedding Invitations
¤  Printing Services

Choose the invitation that perfectly sets the tone of your wedding. Select from many different styles, shapes and colours or have your custom designed for your wedding.
Music & Entertainment Music & Entertainment

¤  Wedding DJ Services
¤  Wedding Music Bands  ¤  Emcees

Choose a DJ, live music or entertainment for your ceremony, reception, stag or bachelorette party. Below are the best entertainment options in Toronto.
Hair & Make-up Services Hair & Make-up Services

¤  Wedding Hair & Makeup Services

Make sure you will look your best on your wedding day, and with the services of these fine companies you can. In home services are also available for your Toronto wedding.
Wedding Venues Wedding Venues

¤  Banquet Halls
¤  Catering Services

Find the perfect banquet hall or reception venue in Toronto and the GTA with help from our listing. We also help you to choose a catering service for your wedding.
Bridal & Wedding Attire Bridal & Wedding Attire

¤  Wedding Dresses
¤  Groom Tuxedos

We will make sure that the bride and groom looks beautiful with the perfect wedding gown and groom tuxedo.
Wedding Flowers & Decor Wedding Flowers & Decor

¤  Wedding Flowers
¤  Chair & Table Covers

Choose from the perfect wedding flowers, bridal bouquets, chair and table covers for your wedding.
Wedding Jewelry Wedding Jewelry

¤  Engagement Rings
¤  Wedding Rings

Find great retail and wholesale locations for engagement rings and wedding rings in Toronto.
Wedding Planning Wedding Planning

¤  Wedding Planners
¤  Wedding Ideas

Find the most reputable companies that will assist you to get started with planning the perfect wedding and wedding ideas.
Wedding Favours & Bridal Party Gifts Wedding Favours & Bridal Party Gifts

¤  Wedding Favours
¤  Bombonieres

Choose from the most decorative treats for your guests and wedding party to remember your wedding by.
Honeymoons & Travel Honeymoons & Travel

¤  Honeymoons
¤  Wedding Hotels

Plan for the honeymoon and the perfect spot to go with the list of travel agents and vacation destinations available in Toronto.
Wedding Services Wedding Services

¤  Wedding Chapels
¤  Wedding Cruises

We will help you find the perfect wedding service, be it a wedding cruise and wedding chapel. Make your wedding day in Toronto be the way you want it.
Night Club Directory Night Club Directory

¤  Toronto Ontario Night Club Listing

Find a night club in Toronto with our night club listing. Whether you are looking for something downtown, uptown, on the east or westend, it is listed here.
Health and Skin Wellness Health and Skin Wellness

¤  Health and Skin Care in Toronto

There are many different elements that a bride needs to go through to ensure that she is looking her best on her wedding day. Make sure the wedding dress is ready to go.
¤  Wedding DJ
¤  Wedding Photographer
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