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Request a Free Quote

From this page you can get a free quote on any of our Wedding Video, Wedding Photo, Wedding DJ, Wedding Limo, and Wedding Service combination packages. You will also find buttons for free quotes on our event and party services, DVD and CD duplication and printing, Photo Printing, video format conversion, and video editing. video projector rentals, Sound system support, and light shows with a dry ice machine.

Free quotes for Wedding and Event Packages

Toronto Wedding Packages

Find out about Babylon's wedding packges, which allows you to bundle wedding photography, wedding videography, wedding limousine and wedding dj services so you can save on your wedding day. Contact us to see the difference that Babylon Wedding Centre can offer you to help you plan and budget for your wedding day.

Toronto Wedding Photography

Choose from the an array of affordable and valuable wedding photography pacakges that will cater to any need you have. We offer all day packages and even hourly packages, so contact us to get your photography quote on how Babylon Productions can assist you to book your Toronto wedding photographer the first time right and avoid all the hassle of searching through all the many wedding photographers in Toronto.

Toronto Wedding DJ services

Have your guests entertained all night long with the DJ services from Babylon Wedding Centre. Choose from one of the many packages that we offer for your Toronto wedding and see how valuable a DJ service from Babylon Weddings can truly be. Contact us today to get a quote on our DJ pricing for your wedding in Toronto, we will make sure you get the best possible service for your wedding day celebration in Toronto.

Toronto Wedding Videography services

Capture your best wedding moments on DVD through the expertise of the wedding videographers at Babylon Weddings. With many different wedding videography packages to choose from for your wedding in Toronto, we will help you make the perfect choice. Contact us and find out the different price points we have to meet any budget and allow you to relive all those great candid moments on your wedding day.

Toronto Wedding Limousine

Enjoy the luxury of having an exotic Toronto wedding limousine grace the presence of your wedding day. With Babylon Weddings, we will give you a great opportunity to find the perfect limousines through our many packages that are featured on our website. Feel free to contact us to see how Babylon Weddings can help you find the right limo for the right price.

Live Music Band

If you want to offer more entertainment that simply having a DJ pump out great music all night long, another option to go with is to hire live wedding bands to play music at your Toronto wedding reception. We offer many different options to reserve a live music band for your wedding. We have different ethnic groups, ranging from Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Arabice to name a few. Contact us today to learn more.

Free quotes for Event Support Packages

Sound System Information

If you are an up and coming DJ or entertainment service provider in the Toronto wedding scene, we offer services to outsource our sound equipment to you so you don't have to spend a large amount of money investing in sound systems. Babylon Weddings will also help you setup the equipment at your venue and make sure that your sound quality is at its finest. Contact us to speak to one of our representatives.

Quote on Light Show

If you are looking to find information on lighting show prices for your next wedding events, school dance or private party, we will work with you to get everything you need. Our packages are fair and competitive and will help you decide to choose Babylon Weddings for all your light show needs. We will assist you to setup the props and a representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more.

Video Projector Price Information

Babylon Weddings give you the chance to reserve video projector for all types of events. Those events include, weddings, corporate events, school dances, social galas and private parties. Contact us for a free quote today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you with renting a video projector for your needs.

Free quotes for other services we offer

CD & DVD Duplication services

If you have a DVD that you want to duplicate and hand out to friends and members of your family, let Babylon Weddings do the job right for you. We offer great pricing and pleasant service that will make your decision to choose Babylon, the correct one. Contact us today and a representative will be happy to help you with your duplication needs.

Video Conversion quotes

We at Babylon Weddings can convert any video from a traditional VHS tape to a CD or DVD. If you require the assistance to get this done, please contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with information on how to get your video converted to a high quality DVD. Make sure that you cherish your most sacred moments forever.

Video editing information

If you require assistance to get your video edited, Babylon Weddings can help you edit any video you have created and transform it into a great final product. Contact us today to see how we can begin to assist you with whatever you need to get your next video edited professionally A representative will be happy to help determine what your needs are.

Toronto Wedding Invitations

Get your custom wedding invitations here at Babylon Weddings. Contact us today to setup a consultation where one of our representatives will walk you through all of our custom wedding invitations to help you choose which one is right for you. We will also give you information on pricing for all of our wedding

Custom Love Song quotes

Imagine you have a favourite song that you want to dance to at your wedding as your first dance that can be customized to include your name and your partner's name? Babylon Weddings offers you the opportunity to make even the first dance special. To learn more about this feature, please contact us and see how we can transform your favourite song into a song about you!

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