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Wedding Invitations Toronto
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Wedding Invitations Design and Printing in Toronto

Wedding Invitation Design and Printing
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Wedding Invitations in Toronto

Toronto Wedding Invitations

Premium wedding invitations

Custom Wedding Invitations.....for all of your wedding needs. Wedding invitations are the front line of the wedding, they are the first form of contact when planning a wedding, a wedding invitation then must represent you and that is why wedding stationaryToronto wedding invitations is great because we customize your wedding invitations. However we also focus on invitation as birthdays, baptisms, engagement parties, corporate events and so on. A wedding invitation is a letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding. They are typically mailed out six to eight weeks before the wedding date. Wedding invitations can sometimes have calligraphy on them. Other types of printing include engraving, thermography, letterpress printing and sometimes blind embossing. Most of time, they are mailed in double envelopes. The inner envelope can be lined in a matching color, is not gummed, and fits into the outer envelope. The outer envelope is gummed for sealing and addressing.

A Response Card

Response CardsSending a response card along with the wedding invitation is often a polite, inclusive way to help ensure the invitation returns to you. wedding invitationsThe ensemble may also include a folder and envelope. The respond card or folder is traditionally used for gathering totals for the caterer and getting a general number of guests attending. The recipient is asked to mail back the responce card or folder roughly two weeks before the wedding or by the date indicated. The envelope is pre-addressed and pre-stamped by the wedding party for easy return by the prospective guest.

Premium wedding invitationsOther pieces often included in the ensemble are the reception card orwedding response cards folder, map or direction card, and accommodation information. The reception card simply lists the addresses and times of any post-wedding events, such as a cocktail hour, dinner or dance. Map or direction cards provide details about the location of the wedding and reception. The accommodation information gives helpful tips about airfare, transportation or hotel arrangements for out-of-town guests. Local attractions may be featured as well. Oftentimes the accommodation information is sent in advance with the save the dates.

Wedding Invitation Tips

Our Partners, Best for, have many wedding invitations to choose from. We also offer the following tips, four of which are related to Wedding Invitations . Consider the following list before ordering your invitation cards.

  • Wedding Invitation Themes and content
  • Tips when ordering Invitations
  • Budgeting for your wedding Invitations
  • Different Type of Wedding invitations
  • Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery

Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery Considerations


Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery ConsiderationsWedding stationery is an important aspect of weddings. Their value is such that they create the first impression on guests who are to attend the wedding ceremony and subsequent events. They should adequately reflect the bride and groom’s personalities and deliver the theme. The preferred style is arguably the greatest consideration when choosing wedding invitation and stationery. Wedding invitations of the formal kind are usually on white, ivory or ecru card, based on the color of the bride’s dress. Further decorations are through engraving various messages with either dark grey or black ink. It is a safe option and is popular in wedding-invitations-6.jpg contemporary weddings. The growth of wedding plan has led to the creation of a variety of styles to suit any style, formality and budget. Whether semi formal, formal, relaxed, kitsch, funky or romantic the choice rests on the bride, groom and the wedding committee. Today invitations include a variety of textured paper, in a myriad of colors, photographs, gilt edges, recycled paper and embedded flowers. In essence, the choice is limited by the creativity of the concerned parties. The venue of the wedding also plays a significant role in deciding the nature of the invitations. Churches, beaches, gardens are venues worth considering.

Wedding InvitationsLettering is another vital aspect. The engraving option and is naturally the most expensive option. Creative planners opt for the cheaper thermography mode, which yields the same effect as engraving. One could also choose to go with an inexpensive option such as calligraphy. It adds a personalized touch, adding sentimental value to the invitation stationery. A variety of colors may be used, guided by the theme and style of the wedding. For those who cannot acquire the services of a skilled calligrapher, technology offers a solution, though the standardized product naturally eliminates the possibility of uniqueness. Stationery suppliers are sensitive to all budgetary demands, offering imported, local or tailor-made items in a variety of colors and styles. Ignoring the wording is the height of imprudence. The dynamism of society dictates that one chooses wording very carefully. It is wise to look at samples, available in a variety of magazines and on many internet websites. Established stationery suppliers and wedding planners are more than willing to offer expert advice, in some cases at no cost at all. Invitations typically include the hosts’ names, guests, date, time, location and a few choice quotes. The RSVP section is very important, as it is an important planning tool.

Wedding Invitations in TorontoAs weddings are important life milestones, nobody wants bland invitations. The idea is to leave an impression with every person involved in the wedding. This all starts with creativity in the design of the wedding invitations. Thank you cards also demand it of consideration. They should be brief and necessarily personal since they must give reference to the sender, the gif itself and how the newly weds intend to use the gifts. Wedding invitations and stationery do no have to be an expensive. All one requires is a reliable professional supplier and a reliable printer with the knowledge, experience and creativity to actualize the entire set.

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