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Our company has over 25 years experience in the photography, wedding photography, wedding videography, and wedding limousine industry. Other services we can provide include wedding invitations services, limo services, wedding venue selection, and much more.

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Ipad Wedding Album Design

Getting married in Toronto? Want to be different and plan for a different wedding, including wedding services in Toronto?! Want to leave the traditional wedding themes such as a wedding album, wedding photos in the past and get with the future in terms of the latest technology? Video Babylon Production Centre in Toronto has the answer to your problems. The solution; an iPad wedding album, where you will have your wedding photos and wedding video organized in a slideshow, using the touch screen technology to simply scroll through your pictures and video and enjoy your wedding day memories, unlike anyone and unlike any other way before!

Now this does not only apply to wedding photography in Toronto and wedding videography in Toronto, this also can apply to engagement photos as well. Depending on what you are looking to go for and what you are looking to spend, having an iPad wedding album is something that no one else has because it is brand new and you will stand out in terms of creativeness. Now, with the new wave of wedding album technology comes with a price. Since this is a new concept, it is known that this can be pricey, because not only are you paying for the ability to view your photos and video with the ease of an iPad, but you will need to get the wedding photographer and wedding videographer to configure your wedding album slideshow to work with the iPad.

If you are one that wants to make your wedding day unique, there are many different and creative ways to offer a little spice to your event. Wedding favour cookies comes to mind, but this is taking it to a different level. With an iPad, everything comes to life, from the wedding cakes photos, the photos at a local park between the church and reception hall in Toronto and the entertainment as well. Video Babylon will give you the option of either getting your wedding album customized for your iPad, and they will even offer you the option of a wedding album with along with the iPad itself! That is right; Babylon Productions will sell you an iPad that includes your own wedding album customized for the iPad.

Be the first in Toronto to experience your wedding photos and wedding video with a simple touch of your finger, and enjoy your wedding memories in a different and unique way. Babylon Productions is always ready to give you a wedding experience in Toronto, unlike anyone else in the wedding industry in Toronto and the GTA, by understanding the need to evolve with technology. Enjoy your wedding photos and wedding videos with your favourite tool, an iPad!

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