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Bachelorette Party Tips


Bachelorette Party

Toronto Wedding PlannerPlan a Toronto Bachelorette party. Your friend is getting married. He finally proposed to her, there’s light finally at the end of the tunnel…..thank God! Count down to the grand finale involving her walking down the aisle has already started. Tick tock, time is moving fast. It is your duty as the maid of honor to provide her with one last night of merry making and getting wild before the big day. Bachelorette Parties are a right of passage for women to have one last night to get wild and let loose before walking down the aisle. Bachelorette Parties involve all kinds of bachelorette Party Games. These parties usually take place about a month before the wedding day to avoid any sort of accidents. In order to plan the bachelorette party, you should have the bachelorette give you a list of all her friends she wants at the party. This should also include their phone numbers and email addresses to ease communication. Send out invitations early so that out of towners can make it. Discuss potential dates with the bride and other people involved. This is to avoid collision of events. The bride should however not be involved in the planning of the event because the details should be part of the surprise. Tailor and design the party according to the personality of the bride to be, if she is a wild party animal, then go all out, but if she is calm and laid back, plan something low key and intimate.

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The Key for Bachelorette Party

Toronto Wedding PlannerThe key is to consider her interests and personality and often the most creative ideas are the most memorable. If the party will take place over several days, or nights, try to schedule it on a weekend so that it can be convenient for the working people. Select a theme for your event. Whether it is going to be a low key brunch or wild club hopping and drunken debauchery, it should have a theme. Various themes can be selected from sex toy parties, slumber parties, Mardi gras to casino nights. Book the venue in advance depending on the activities i.e. if you are going for a concert, or jazz festival in Toronto, get the tickets early and make reservations for transportations from Toronto’s finest limo services.


Organize food and drinks according to the size of your party. Decide whether to have outside catering, bring your own, or cater for the party yourself. If you don’t want to do all the planning, leave it to professional party planners in Toronto to do all the dirty work for you. Don’t get stressed up, these are professional, who provide quality service and all you have to do is just show up with your girls. There are many such companies in Toronto including Kare promotions Stags Inc, boogie bus, Riddler entertainment, stag party, big sleek party, and many more. Make sure someone takes photos or records your festivities because most people don’t usually remember after a night of drinking and it could be used as a gift to the bride. After the party, make sure guests reach home safely and make sure all the gifts get to the bride to be.