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Bridal Showers Tips

Bridal Showers

Plan a Toronto Bridal ShowerPlan a Toronto Bridal Shower. A bridal shower though seeming like just an accessory to the big day is essential because that is where the couple are showered with gifts and the bride gets to spend quality time with her close friends and relatives before her wedding. It is usually marked with funny stories, tips, advising and showing support to the bride. A bridal shower is held within two months and two weeks of the wedding. The first decision to be made is whether this bridal shower will be a surprise to the bride or she will be involved in its planning. One must be careful not to invite guests who are not invited for the wedding and they should be kept at a minimum. It is also vital to consult with the maid of honor, bridesmaids, close relatives and the bride on whether it will be the traditional “ladies only” affair or it will be the “Jack and Jill” where couples are invited. The best time to hold a bridal shower in Toronto and generally everywhere is in the afternoon. The bride should be asked to make a gift registry which is essential to seeing that guests will know what to buy and so that the same items are not repeatedly bought. She should be encouraged to balance the items so that there both costly and inexpensive items too. This is in consideration of guests with limited budgets.

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The Theme of the Shower

Bridal Shower, Toronto Bridal ShowerThe theme of the shower should also be chosen going by what the bride wants or would want if it’s a surprise. One of the most common themes is a lingerie, or kitchen accessories theme while in some showers a guest speaker like a sex aunty is invited to give some well deserved professional tips which will not only help the bride but other guests too. Another decision to be made is where to hold the bridal shower. Here creativity and budget considerations should be utilized. A bridal shower can be held in various places with many activities like a treat at the spa or even a barbeque. Toronto has so many amenities to choose from and planners would be spoilt for choice between restaurants, beauty spas, parks and so on. Something which makes a bridal shower unforgettable is the favors given to the guests and Toronto is not short of suppliers that are ready to work with the planner to come up with that unique favor. The optimum goal for any bridal shower planner is to ensure that the bride who is the princess on this occasion is treated as such and is completely pleased.