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Wedding Gown Fabric Tips


Wedding Gown Fabric

Toronto Wedding PlannerFabrics and textile for your wedding and bridesmaid dresses.


Picking a wedding dress can be a challenging task especially because one wants everything to be perfect on this day. Choosing the correct design, style as well as fabric for this day is such a critical issue. While there are several fabrics to choose from, one needs to consider the design, body type and even the season before selecting the fabric and textile for the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.


Among the fabrics and textile appropriate for weeding gowns and bridesmaid dresses include chameuse. This fabric is light in weight, soft and can drape beautifully. It also has a smooth texture and is semi-lustrous on one side and dull on the other. This fabric comes from either polyester or silk. Chiffon is also suitable for both wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Made from silk, rayon or polyester, chiffon has a soft drape which might make it difficult to cut. Crepe back satin is a reversible satin fabric that is very popular with wedding gowns. The crepe side of this fabric can be used to bind the neckline as well as the hemline of the dresses. What is more, the designer can use either side of the fabric so as to create a matching look on the dress.

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Another light fabric appropriate for wedding dresses is georgette.

Toronto Wedding PlannerAnother light fabric appropriate for wedding dresses is georgette. Crepe fibers are usually twisted in order to come up with georgette fabric. However, georgette can be springy and this may make it difficult to sew. Among the heavy fabrics that are used for wedding dresses include Peau de Soie. This fabric has a satin weave and it is finished with a lustrous feel. This fabric is mostly used for bridesmaid dresses and goes well with almost all body shapes and size, thanks to its dull luster. Organza on the other hand is not heavy and is especially used for dresses that are designed with an overskirt as well as large puffy sleeves.


Tulle is fine textured, light and is made from such fiber as lace and nylon. This fabric is especially used for making wedding veils and dress accessories for the bridesmaids. Embroidered satin on the other hand is also good for wedding dresses that are made with some fashion detail. The beautiful embroidery on this fabric together with its low luster makes it appropriate for both wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Duchess satin also works well with wedding dresses due to its anti-wrinkle and machine washable qualities. It also brings out that elegant look in the bridesmaid dresses.