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Wedding Music

Wedding Music, Toronto Wedding MusicChoosing the music and DJ entertainment for your wedding. A wedding is certainly a very important day especially to the couple. It is therefore vital for the wedding planners to be careful when selecting both the music and the DJ for both the wedding ceremony and the reception. The guests should be left breathless by the music that gets into their ears and the fun that they get from the creative work of the disk jockey. Whether one chooses a DJ or live band, the music selected should both set the pace and the mood of the wedding day. It should be in a position to create the correct atmosphere for the big day. Before one chooses the wedding songs, he should understand that he or she will be expected to select music that he or she wants for the reception, pre reception drinks party, cocktail hour and the wedding ceremony. Next, one should choose songs that are in line with the particular theme of the wedding; tropical, beach, medieval, Italian or Asian. One should be able to create a music plan for every event of the wedding. This would mean that music for walking down the aisle should be different from that of garter or bouquet toss or music for daughter and father dance.

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Wedding Ceremony

Wedding dj MusicWedding Music, Toronto Wedding MusicIf the wedding ceremony is taking place in the church, it is important for one to consult the presiding minister as there may be rules on the songs that can be played in that church and those that cannot. It is important for one to fully instruct the disk jockey or the life band on the songs that will be played at different junctures. A dj is a very important figure in any wedding if one would desire to see the guests electrified and having fun. In many cases, the dj also serves as the master of ceremony. The advantage of having a dj in a wedding than a life band is that he or she will be more flexible and occupies less space and also is in a position to offer more music. Before one chooses a dj for a wedding, it is important for him or her to decide whether the dj will only be spinning or will also be the MC. It is also very important for one to get a dj that has the necessary skills and experience for wedding music. Information on the best djs for the weddings can be gotten from the dj studios, magazines or even from people who have in the past interacted with some. One should have in mind that a dj can either make the wedding lively or boring.