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Planning a Wedding Tips

Planning a Wedding

Planning a Wedding TipsToronto Wedding Planning is a dubious task, one that involves trust, punctuality, read the list below:


A key player for a Toronto Wedding Planner is a close friend or family member:


who is available on the wedding day you, can trust to get the job done, who is punctual and time conscious, who excels atmulti-tasking, who functions well under pressure, has eloquent communication skills, who helps where necessary (a gap filler), has an eye for style that matches yours, who can always find the silver lining Once you've decided who will be your key players for your Toronto Wedding Planning, set up a party date for them to meet one another. You can be the bridge builder, creating links between key players who may be less familiar with one another. Develop a clear cut list of roles and responsibilities for each key player for your Toronto Wedding Planning. Who will transport the wedding favours, your wedding dresses, or the honeymoon luggage? Who will set up the centerpieces?

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Planning a Wedding TipsWho will be in charge of each location to handle situations as they arise (e.g. if seating is needed for family in the front pews or the room is too warm). Who will be in charge of decor dilemmas? Create a chain of command for your Toronto Wedding Planning. The head of command will be the ultimate decision maker when your other key players are in need of support. Create a list with each person's contact information and develop a play-by-play itinerary for your Toronto Wedding Planning. Set up a meeting date for all key players involved (including the wedding party). At this informal gathering, give each person the package with all the vitals and confirm each is aware of what they need to do. Key players are sanity savers for your Toronto Wedding Planning, when time travels faster than the blink of an eye. To thank these dedicated family and friends, invite them to a lavish gathering before the wedding. Show your appreciation with tailored speeches and gifts for each person. Now, on to the wedding!

Planning a Wedding Tips

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