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Order a Wedding Invitations Tips

Order a Wedding Invitations

Toronto Wedding Invitations, Wedding InvitationsWedding Invitations and stationery for your Toronto wedding. A wedding invitation gives the first and lasting impression of how the Toronto wedding is going to be. The choice of the invitations style is upon the couple. They can be formal, traditional or even modern. The formal ones are mostly ecru, ivory or white based on the color of the bride’s gown. Today, there are very many types of paper that are used to make invitation cards, inclusive of either photographs or flowers. Venues such as beaches, churches, chapels and gardens also contribute to the outlook of the invitation card. A wedding invitation is that form of letter in which a recipient receives in order to attend the wedding and as such it should be very presentable. Calligraphy is a common feature in invitations and it gives the card a good face. There are other printing types and this could be engraves, blind embosses, thermograph and also letterpress printing. Other wedding stationery includes a response card which is sent along with the invitation card. This ensures that the response is sent back to the sender. There is also the reception card. There is other stationery like map cards which give the directions of where the wedding is being held as well as the reception directions.

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The Reception Card

Professional Wedding Invitations, Wedding InvitationsThe reception card contains the list of addresses and the time allocation of the cocktail, dance or dinner. The wording in the invitation has to be clear and precise. They have to be brief and personal as it is in reference to the recipient. The couple should seek advice from experts on how to word their invitations or check them out in magazines and the internet as well. The important thing included in the invitation card is the name of the host, the guests, the date and time of the wedding as well as the venue. There may also be a few additional quotes from the couple. At the bottom there has to be the initials RSVP (Repondez S’il Vous Plait), which is very important in planning for the number of guests who will be at the wedding. Thank you cards are also important after the wedding and receipt of gifts. They have to be personal with reference to the sender of the gift itself and how it is to be used by the newly weds. These wedding invitations and stationery do not need to be a very expensive affair. All that the couple requires is a professional supplier.

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